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  • Zend Guard  51)   Zend Guard 5.0
    Zend Guard, with its key components of Encoding, Obfuscating and Licensing, protects your PHP applications from reverse engineering, unauthorized customization, unlicensed use and redistribution. Zend Guard helps you distribute your PHP apps securely

  • Button Painter for MS Access  52)   Button Painter for MS Access 1.7
    Button Painter is an add-in for Microsoft Access that adds smooth gradient colors to your command buttons and allows for button color changes on mouse over and when buttons are clicked.

  • Balloon Tooltips .NET  54)   Balloon Tooltips .NET 2.0
    Balloon Tooltips .NET is a powerful .NET component that allows you to create cool customized tooltips for your controls! Some advantages that Balloon Tooltips .NET has over conventional tooltips: multi-line text; balloon style interface; icons, sound, foreground color, background color.

  • Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion CAD/GIS SDK  55)   Algolab Raster to Vector Conversion CAD/GIS SDK 2.55
    Software development kit for CAD/CAM/GIS and graphic software developers. Converts from raster to vector and refines architect, mechanical, tech drawing, maps, math graphs, graphics for books. ActiveX and Com Component are also available.

  • 1-st Pop-Up Menu Builder  56)   1-st Pop-Up Menu Builder 5.0.1
    Create the impressive and high professional your own menu on right mouse click on your site. Put on different pages OR elements of one page different menus of different styles. Set any actions to any items of the menu. Easy & fast

  • Image Editor  57)   Image Editor 1.14
    Image Editor is a suite of visual and non-visual components which allows to create any common and specialized image editors in Delphi and C++ Builder applications. Image Editor is a pure VCL/WinAPI solution, so no external DLLs are required.

  • SpriteCraft  58)   SpriteCraft 2.2
    Create great games without writing tons of code! SpriteCraft is a sprite game engine for quick and easy development of qualitative 2D games. With SpriteCraft even a beginner programmer can quickly create a game in any suitable programming language.

  • Delphi Source formatting Wizard  59)   Delphi Source formatting Wizard 1.14
    Delphi Source formatting Wizard is a easy customizable feathured source code formatter. It can improve your source code (the indentation, spacing, capitalization, etc are supported)

  • Data Monkey G.D.H.  61)   Data Monkey G.D.H. 2.0.0
    Data Monkey GDH is an ETL / Database Administration application that works with all your datasources.Whether you use Oracle, mySQL, DB2, SQL Server or Access; Data Monkey will enable you to access all your data from a single powerful application.

  • DB Elephant DBF Converter  62)   DB Elephant DBF Converter 1.2
    DBF Converter will lighten your work with databases. Using it you can easily convert tables to data formats (xml, mdb, txt and csv) and sql. In few steps you will create reports in xls, doc, html, pdf. Try it now for free to know all the benefits

  • Drag-N-Dropper for MS Access  63)   Drag-N-Dropper for MS Access 4.0
    Drag-N-Dropper is an MS Access module and form that you can add into your Access application to provide drag and drop functionality between text-based Access controls.

  • Resizer XT  64)   Resizer XT 1.2
    Add smart form resizing without code. Provides proportional resize and advanced intelligent resize and positionning. Individually adjust the size, position and font of each control on your form. Customizable with events, methods and properties.

  • CG Pro  65)   CG Pro 1.0
    RFG Software is the publisher of CG Pro, which is a sophisticated code generation tool. CG Pro generates a full n-tier application based upon existing Microsoft SQL Server databases.

  • Mascon  66)   Mascon 2.3.27
    A powerful Win32 GUI for the administering MySQL servers. Mascon's features include visual table design, data and blob editing of tables, end-user reporting, security setting, SQL colour coding, dump functionality and much more.

  • Hex Editor Delphi 5 Control  67)   Hex Editor Delphi 5 Control 1.1
    Powerful Hex Editor ActiveX Control. Features: Multilevel undo/redo; Print; Insert/Over edit mode; Fast find/replace text; View/edit as bin/octal/dec/hex; Clipboard operations;Font and Color options; Popup menu;Show/Hide offset/hex/text; Color coding

  • .NET Obfuscator Dotfuscator  68)   .NET Obfuscator Dotfuscator 3.0
    Dotfuscator Professional Edition is a .Net Obfuscator, Compactor and Watermarker that helps protect programs against reverse engineering while making them smaller and more efficient. The .NET obfuscation code protection tool selected by Microsoft.

  • Movable Type .NET Class Library  70)   Movable Type .NET Class Library 1.0.0
    Movable Type Class Library (API) for Microsoft .NET web sites and applications (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET). Download recent posts, fetch blog trackback information, fetch/update post categories and download blog category lists.

  • Catchysoft Report Generator  71)   Catchysoft Report Generator 1.00.03
    Catchysoft Report Generator is a free reporting tool for generating and printing reports. Distinctive features of this library are fast integration into any project and auto-layout report design creation. This library uses ActiveX technology.

  • Advanced Data Grid Control  72)   Advanced Data Grid Control 3.6
    The java Data Grid Control applet enables the display of data in rows & columns in java & web applications. Powerful features include Fast Sorting, Data Acquisition, URL Hyperlinks, Embedded Images, Column Totalling and much more.

  • ShComboBox.Net Control  74)   ShComboBox.Net Control 7.1
    ShComboBox.Net Control is a Windows-Explorer-like drive-selection combobox which shows all drives, folders and optionally files in a cascaded manner. The new version fully supports VS 2005 and .Net 2.0 and has some new features and functionality.

  • Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter  75)   Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter 1,5,0,1
    Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter is a simple and fast number system conversion software that lets you instantly convert between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal number systems.

  • Metadataminer Catalogue PRO Portugues  76)   Metadataminer Catalogue PRO Portugues 4.1.19
    software de listagem de pastas, extractor e catalogador de metadados de ficheiros Microsoft Office,, StarOffice, Visio, PDF, photos JPEG, imagens Tiff (campos IPTC) com funçoes de exporte XML para integraçao em sistemas de conteudo

  • AVX Shutdown  77)   AVX Shutdown 1.0
    Is an ActiveX control that can Shutdown, Restart, Log off, Stand By, Hibernate, Power Off the PC

  • .NET Cryptor  78)   .NET Cryptor 3.6.81
    .NET Cryptor encrypts or password-protects .NET project source code files instantly. The utility prevents others from viewing and reusing your .NET source codes. Once .NET project is locked, it is completely encrypted and cannot be understood.

  • SCML Zip & Split OCX  79)   SCML Zip & Split OCX 1.0
    SCML ZIP & SPLIT OCX is an OCX control that allows Visual Basic programmers to zip and split files.

  • Resource Tuner  80)   Resource Tuner 1.99 R5
    View and replace icons and other resources contained within 32 bit Windows executable files with other images, texts and sounds. Translate any application, or fix and mark it as XP-enabled. Now supports large Vista icons.

  • Delphi Spell Checker PRO  82)   Delphi Spell Checker PRO 3.00
    Delphi Spell Checker PRO, award-winning Spell Checking Add-in for Delph (Delphi Expert). Auto-check spelling as-you-go right in your Delphi form. 18 languages supported.

  • SWF Decrypt  83)   SWF Decrypt 1.0
    SWF files protected by SWF Encrypt and SWF Protection tools can be fully recovered using this tool. You can use any Flash decompiler to view the source code of the recovered SWF files. Use on your own files only to test the protection of those tools.

  • Setup Factory  84)   Setup Factory 7.0
    Setup Factory 7.0 has everything you need to make fast and reliable software installers. New project wizard, 20+ customizable screens, themes/skins, scripting engine, 250+ functions, runtime modules, multilingual installs, Authenticode and more.

  • AidAim Single File System  85)   AidAim Single File System 2.30
    Stores files/folders in one OS file. Flexible on-the-fly compression. Transparent strong Rijndael encryption. > 4 GB files support. Borland and WinAPI OS functions compatibility. TFileStream interface. Recovering physically damaged files.

  • DBElephant SQLite Console  86)   DBElephant SQLite Console 1.1
    DB Elephant SQL Console is a handy tool for SQLite database management and development. Make your data management like editing, filtering, grouping or sorting clear and convenient. SQL editor is included

  • ActiveGanttCSN Scheduler Component  87)   ActiveGanttCSN Scheduler Component 2.6.2
    Add Scheduling capabilities to your Application. This component makes it easy to build rosters, TV/movie scheduling, classroom scheduling, equipment/location rental, payroll, assembly line production, and many other applications. VB6, MFC & .NET

  • Expert Logger  88)   Expert Logger 1.0
    Batch logging of all the SSIS DTS packages. Logging SSIS packages at a time batch wise with a good user customizable interface.

  • ShrinkerStretcher for MS Access 2000  89)   ShrinkerStretcher for MS Access 2000 2000.91
    ShrinkerStretcher is an MS Access module that will dynamically (or statically) rescale your MS Access forms, fonts, and controls to fit any screen resolution, desktop scheme, font setting, or form window size.

  • Eazfuscator.NET  90)   Eazfuscator.NET 1.1
    Eazfuscator.NET saves a .NET publisher from wrongful headaches. It is necessary to perform just several mouse clicks to protect costless intellectual property.

  • Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Windows  91)   Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Windows 5.2
    Visual Paradigm for UML is a UML modelling tool that supports full software lifecycle - object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design, etc. VP-UML supports reverse engineering, code generation, import XMI, Rational, Visio integration, plugin, etc.

  • GraphEditPlus  93)   GraphEditPlus 1.2
    GraphEditPlus will make each DirectShow developer's life much easier. Edit multiple graphs, see every bit of each mediatype, control your filters and generate C++ or C# code of a working application. DirectShow development was never so easy before!

  • Hotspot Builder  94)   Hotspot Builder 1.3
    Hotspot Builder is a powerful tool that lets you create and edit graphics files with included hotspots. These are predefined regions that can operate as hotlinks to help topics, as pop-up links, or even as special macros. Download a trial copy now!

  • Japplis Toolbox  95)   Japplis Toolbox 1.1
    Japplis Toolbox is a compilation of text utilities in one application. It can encode and decode URL, Base64, Hex, SoundEx, Metaphone. It can convert numbers from/to binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal.

  • DB Elephant DBF Console  96)   DB Elephant DBF Console 1.1
    DB Elephant DBF Console is a handy tool for DBF database management and development. Make your data management like editing, filtering, grouping or sorting clear and convenient. SQL editor is included

  • SMSLibX  97)   SMSLibX 1.9
    ActiveX component (DLL) for sending and receiving SMS from PC using a GSM modem. Very simple usage in Visual Basic, ASP, C#, C++, Access(VBA) etc. Features: sending, receiving, status reports, long sms, logo/ringtones/ems, phonebook. Help online.

  • Web Bot Programming Library  98)   Web Bot Programming Library 1.0.0
    Crawl the web with this free ActiveX web bot component. Advanced features include caching, "avoid" patterns, and robots.txt compliance.

  • Parser Generator  99)   Parser Generator 2.07
    Parser Generator is a YACC and Lex programming tool for Windows. It is able to generate C, C++ and Java parsers and lexical analysers. This includes both Unicode and Multibyte Character Set (MBCS) variants.

  • Tidycode Pl/Sql Formatter  100)   Tidycode Pl/Sql Formatter 2.4.2
    The software allows you to tidy, beautify or format your Pl/Sql code in a batch file or Dos prompt or in a GUI.In other words, there is a command line tool that can be built in your programming environment. It can be used in most text editors/IDEs.

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